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The ETC-12Q series retrofit for the STR-58U protection unit, is a plug and play device manufactured with the purpose of replacing the STR-58U as well as the STR-18M, STR-28D, STR-38S and STR-68U Trip Units (which have been discontinued by the manufacturers).


The ETC-12Q Series is a one-box universal solution, designed to fit the  STR-58U control unit dimensions on any breaker frame size. The ETC-12Q Series comes standard It is as easy as installing one of the original STR trip units when they were still available from the manufacturer (Square D Merlin GerinSchneider)


The ETC-12 seamlessly plugs in where the STR-58U is removed from and plugs right back into the existing wiring harness. The ETC-12Q Series device uses the breaker's existing CT’s to eliminate the need for rating plugs. Instead, through the simplified digital setup menu called the “etd”, the operator can seamlessly set the breaker to trip anywhere from 25%-100% of the breaker’s existing CT ratings.

Most importantly, it’s PROVEN to get RID of Nuisance Tripping issues

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